HOUZZ Design Challenge

Your mission is to design an experience for booking a service with a professional.

  • This is purposefully open­ended to allow you to explore ideas on how this feature could best serve homeowners and professionals.

  • We are interested in learning about your design process, but we also understand, given the time­frame and isolated atmosphere, that this will not be a finished product ­ no need to create a beautiful presentation :) Feel free to show any process/sketches/wireframes and at least one high fidelity screen that shows your own visual/interaction aesthetic.

  • Keep in mind “Houzz on Demand” is a new app, separate from the Houzz app. 

My Notes

I tried ideating around the needs of the customer, company, and contractor. I know those needs would but up against each other. Quickly thinking through the needs of the flow to accomplish the task. Also what types of features we'd need to accomplish something like this quickly.




I started in on wireframes to capture key screens of the app, though I didn't get to the contact and booking process, I imagine those to be largely form based with either some text messages or email feedback.



I drew up a few screens to show what these might look like in more fleshed out comps. I would have liked more time to experiment with styles and do some usability testing, but alas, 2-3 hours is an interesting challenge. Thanks again for checking out my work. It certainly gave me a taste as to the type of challenges you guys face, and made me excited at the idea of getting to work on more of this stuff.