An Overcast Design Concept

Hey! I'm Ryan Quintal, a passionate podcast fan, and former alumni of Squarespace and Apple. After recently feeling a little fed up with lack of development of the Podcasts app on iOS, and recent syncing issues with the app,  I made the switch back to Marco Arment's Overcast app. After spending some time with it, I thought I'd put together some ideas for what I'd like to see in the app.

If you're unfamiliar, it's a highly rated alternative iOS podcast player that has some really great features like social recommendations, and audio effects, go check it out today.  Thanks in advance for taking the time to check this out.

- Q


I wanted to clean up the navigation, and use sectioning instead of labels to convey what a user was seeing here. I also alloted more height for the mini player, so it's easier to tap.

06. Explore.png


I saved some space on the marquee sections and added a little flavor text to explain how these podcasts ended up here, and what to expect when you tap inside.


A new player condenses playback and audio effects, the scrubber is brough down to thumb-level and the glyphs have been refreshed for a more distinct and unified look.


Added some whitespace to the podcasts page for adding and subscribing, aligned the controls for buttons and tabs, and calculations of average show publish schedule and running time based on episode history lets you know what you're signing up for.