Bringing Squarespace to Android

Squarespace believes that great design isn’t a luxury, and while we have a wonderful suite of iOS apps, we wanted to bring amazing design experiences to the Android ecosystem as well. I was charged with taking the visual language established by our mobile experiences, and crafting something from the ground up for Android. Utilizing the strengths in Google’s OS to enhance the user experience and aesthetic wherever possible.



Approximate Consistency

To deal with fragmentation, Google implemented a digital unit of measurement known as Display Independent Pixels or "dips" as they've come to be called.

The challenge in getting to pixel perfection with DPs is that every asset created has to be in mutiple display "buckets" causing aliasing. Android takes the device size and screen density, and assigns it a "bucket" like MDPI, HDPI, XHDPI, XXHDPI and so forth. The effect is referred to by the community as "approximate consistency". As each bucket causes you to hand tweak your shapes to get things to align and sit perfectly within your design.


All the vector icons created for Android Blog.


All The Details

We added this intro to editing your website through the Blog App, it's a quick and easily digested way to communicate a rather complex set of tasks. You can see below some of the documents generated showing notes to my development bretherine in effort to ship a clean and consisten product.