Suite Design

When launching a new set of apps that defined the vision for Squarespace's mobile efforts, I was tasked with creating the face of each of these icons. I aimed to create something cohesive, graphic, and iconic. The end result were app icons that became a family with angle, shadow, and spectrum.

No pixel left unturned.

To make sure these icons were production ready, each icon was created and tweaked for each of the corrosponding sizes for all the iterations for retina and non-retina displays as well as web. Though the final pack end up on your phone in rounded rectangles, I prefer them in their un-edited square form. When



Context Context Context

It's typical to preview things on device when designing. While working on these icons, I wanted to preview them with complex wallpapers, but without the distractions of other icons, so I sampled colors from the existing set of iOS icons and created an editible PSD so we could drop in and test different variations of the icons as a family.