A proposal for people who play and make video games

On March 24th 2018, families across America took part in March For Our Lives, a national protest of gun violence and our own country’s leaders inability or unwillingness to do anything about it. As a response to recent tragic acts of gun violence and the subsequent march, members of the US government and some media outlets have been trying to revive the tired conversation that video games are the culprit of this national crisis. And yet, study after study clearly shows that violence in video games does not correlatewith the horrific real-life acts taking place in our schools and in our streets today.

As a lifelong gamer who plays games from every genre, I propose that we show the world who gamers really are.

I’m calling on developers and gamers everywhere to lay down our virtual arms in a worldwide video game ceasefire on April 28th, 2018.

As a community, we play so many different kinds of games, and in so many different ways — we should take the day to celebrate all of the gaming options we have and skip out on games that require us to look down the barrel of a gun. Not because games with guns are the problem, but because together, we can help fight to ensure that the bullets fired at others stay on screen and servers and out of real lives.

This ceasefire belongs to gamers everywhere. Stream your favorite gunless video games to your fans, write about titles that express themselves without using guns, share gunless games with your friends and family, show supportfor developers who build alternative ways to express ourselves in our favorite hobby, celebrate and respect the ceasefire, however it makes sense to you!

This isn’t about getting guns out of games, this is about games not needing guns to be great. We have 364 other days a year to lock and load, let’s take a single day to lay down our virtual arms in solidarity with everyone affected by gun violence and to show the world that we understand the seriousness of these real-life weapons.

Share how you’re taking part with the hashtag #VideoGameCeasefire.

The Colors of Star Trek

JJ can keep his flashing lights, and holograms. Even though I'm personally a Star Trek TNG fan, the Designer in me has to admit that nothing beats the simple color pallets and background lighting from the original 60's era Star Trek.

A Tempting Mechanical Keyboard

This Indiegogo campaign is working on a mechanical keyboard I'd actually put on my desk. It's inspired by classic typewriter design, even down to the loud click blue-switch keys that it sports.

I don't know if "Four Seasons: A Colorful Retro Mechanical Keyboard" could ever shake me off the current Apple keyboard, it's low profile, quiet performance, great response, and flush alignment with the Magic Trackpad makes any switch a hard sell, but damn if I'm not tempted by some of these finishes and getting a stand alone backlight.

uassu0ivjohyutewqqxp copy.jpg

Shout-out to whatever humble copywriter who came up with the bullet point "Decent Typing Experience" on their campaign page.