Brooklyn Beta

Brooklyn Beta was an amazing gift to creative people from all around, carrying a theme of going out there and doing what you love. Not just for a job, but for anything. Make something great, do it at home or on nights and weekends. Start that business, launch that product, go forth and inspire. Lucky for me it’s hosted right here in my home turf. In this episode we all get together and watch the lights go out with a jam-packed episode with seven different guests. Check them out and mourn the end of one of the most special gatherings I’ve ever seen.

Show guests (in order of appearance):

  • Phillip Rhie: Designer -
  • Day Jimenez: Designer -
  • Justin Smith: Front End Dev -
  • Natalie Be’er: Interaction Designer -
  • Eric Miller: Owner of his own design studio -
  • Erica Newman: Creative Technologist -
  • Seth Daggett: Designer -