I made a new Giant Bombcast Theme Song

I'm a listener to a bunch of different podcasts, one of my favorite is the one from GiantBomb.com. A weekly roundtable on the latest in video games. I noticed a history of a bunch of various themes over the years, but in recent years, the theme has remain unchained. I wanted to create something that felt like it fit into the history of Giant Bomb themes, without being too overly reliant on guitar.

My favorite mix (above) has synths from all sorts of places, but some may notice the lead pulled from Super Metroid. I also created an alternate mix with some Japanese Koto on it, to harken back to the home of modern console gaming.

Below is a YouTube video with various themes throughout the years, some of which I really like, so I wanted to create something that sounded in the vein of what I considered the "main theme" of the show, and remaster it with some clean synth production.

The current theme:

Older Themes: