Mike Monteiro on Education and Ethics

I know, I know. Another Medium article, but this one has some salient points. Especially how continuing to create service-based products further reinforces income inequality.

If we achieved income parity, the tech sector would collapse! You can’t build an economy on the need for a class structure and then act surprised when it results in a class structure. Is this the kind of system you want to be supporting with the short amount of time you have on earth?

The piece also dives into design ethics, a topic I'm pretty passionate about, even if it diverts from the initial point of the article a bit.

And as our work gets more complicated, the ethical concerns about what we’re doing get bigger and nastier. (Look no further than all the shit we went through with Uber.) And I’m out there talking to a lot of designers. I’m genuinely scared at the amount of them who don’t see ethics as a part of the craft. This needs to change.