Remember Gamepro's Face-based Rating system?

I grew up with Gamepro as my go-to source of gaming news. After reflecting with a colleague this past week, I was reminded of Gampro's face-based rating system to represent their 1-5 point scale by re-drawing the faces on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Vectornator. I think the brush tool in Vectornator leave a lot to be desired, but the effect was good enough for me to get the job done quickly. I also took the original color palette from the magazine and brightened and saturated it a bit for a little more digital umph.

A look at the original faces and the brightened color palette:

Gamepro Faces.png
Gamepro's Rating System

Anyway, here's some downloads of these faces in AI, Sketch, SVG and PNG format. Enjoy.