I’m Returning to Education

If you've followed my work for a long time, you know that very early in my career, I made it a mission to teach the software skills I learned through hours of practice, research, and an amalgamation of in person and online classes and tutorials. That work built my career and developed me by allowing me to reach an audience, and grow to thousands of YouTube subscribers, even though I haven’t made design tutorials since 2016, and haven’t really been serious about regularly publishing since 2013. That’s changing today.

The design tools space has exploded, and there are a lot of high quality classes and tutorials available for designers out there, but free learning content still remains inconsistent in production and style. So I’m returning to creating design video tutorials that I built my career on years ago in an effort to help new and old designers everywhere build the skills they’ll need to work in the industry.

It will be a little different this time around, focusing on creating series for people to learn from, rather than simply doing one off tutorials for particular techniques and effects. Though depending on response from my subscribers, I’ll consider returning to the format.

I’m also launching a Patreon alongside this work, though I want to be clear, I intend for all of my tutorial content to be free for all. The Patreon provides me motivation and is just a small way of supporting me on the journey, as my primary focus will remain with my full-time job as I don’t aim to become a content creator for a living.

I hope if you’re reading this that you’ll be someone who benefits from the work I’m returning too, or know someone who will. I can’t wait to get back to work.