Affinity Photo for iPad

I was immediately impressed by Serif's Affinity Photo while it was shown at yesterday's WWDC Keynote, and from everything the demo entailed, I pegged it for a good whole-sale Photoshop replacement for my iPad Pro. One problem remains though, I spent time with Serif's Affinity Designer just the other day and it felt like an incomprehensible mess stuck somewhere between the worlds of Sketch and Illustrator.

Affinity photos interface on iPad seemed to be not much better. It's seeming organized into special tabbed "modes" for accomplishing different tasks. Something convienent when designing a UI for simplicity, but rarely works well for professionals all with different workflows that likely bleed into each of the different "modes" of your app. Still the software seems powerful and responsive.

Side note: how often do other designers find themselves changing the layout of Photoshop and Illustrator from the dropdown Adobe's put in the top right of the screen?