A Tempting Mechanical Keyboard

This Indiegogo campaign is working on a mechanical keyboard I'd actually put on my desk. It's inspired by classic typewriter design, even down to the loud click blue-switch keys that it sports.

I don't know if "Four Seasons: A Colorful Retro Mechanical Keyboard" could ever shake me off the current Apple keyboard, it's low profile, quiet performance, great response, and flush alignment with the Magic Trackpad makes any switch a hard sell, but damn if I'm not tempted by some of these finishes and getting a stand alone backlight.

uassu0ivjohyutewqqxp copy.jpg

Shout-out to whatever humble copywriter who came up with the bullet point "Decent Typing Experience" on their campaign page.


Beautiful Stoneware from Pawena Studio

I've never enjoyed entertaining the idea of a $45 coffee mug before. From the website: 

Made with gray stone ware. Hand thrown on the wheel then hand paint with non toxic orange underglaze. Glaze with white inside and at the top on the outside. High fire to cone 10 in a gas kiln. Food and microwave safe. Hand wash recommend.

Size is 3.3" tall and 3.6" wide

See more at their shop