Tools for Publishers

While I was at Shareaholic, the mission was all about giving publishers the tools they needed to get more eyes on their content. Shareaholic did this by providing trackable custom social buttons, related content tools for referals and analytics that brought it all together to make the world of Wordpress a lot more intuitave. All with a brand an tone that didn't take itself too seriously. It started with the frontsite, making it easy to explain what the tools did and how you could use them.



Before and After

Wordpress has a notoruily large learning curve becasue most of the capibility of the system is unlocked through make-shift plugins that a user has to download. I knew immediately that if we made a plugin with an intuitive first-class interface that users would not only unlock the power of the Shareaholic suite, but would understand the relationship to content in the abstract and favor the experience over competitors like AddThis and ShareThis.



Sweating the small stuff

The look may be full of gradients and dropshadows, but the ultimate purpose was always clarity, finding a balance between the styles someone was accustom to in the current iteration of Wordpress at the time, but felt decidedly fresh and modern was a challenge, but there were a lot of places for us to make it shine.