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A world of Black and White

Role — UX + UI, light product management, light branding, light marketing

As a product designer at Squarespace, was role was helping shape the visual language of our interface, organizing the systems information architecture, and take products from idea to marketing. In addition to core platforms updates and new features, I primarily worked on four projects:

  • Squarespace 7 — a ground-up redesign of the Squarespace website creation and management experience.

  • Cover Pages — a new one-page website building tool.

  • Commerce Tax Management — a new product feature to allow small businesses to properly document and manage their tax situations.

  • Mobile Apps — Creating custom built apps for Andriod, and designing the iOS and Andriod icons.

For Squarespace 7, our goal was to make more simple and intuitive the process of editing a website, and implement a new visual language for all of our entire web based interface. The result was called a "UX Dream" by Wired and ended up on their most inspiring designs of 2014. Adweek called the new interface "Radical... a revelation", the team was awarded a Webby for best Aesthetic.

Squarepspace Icons.png