Squarespace for video

When the opportunity came to move to Michigan, and play a part in investing in Detroit, one of the most iconic American cities, working as Director of Product Design at Waymark Inc., I couldn’t say no. Getting to work with my former Squarespace colleague Stephen Parker was a cherry on top.  

I manage a small, cross functional functional team of project managers, front and back end developers, QA, and customer support as we build and maintain a product where Small businesses can start with nothing, and end with a commercial worthy of television. We also pattered with Spectrum Reach to make it so those commercials could end up on TV.

When you’re small and scrappy, it means you’re role is huge and impactful, and that’s the case at Waymark. My responsibilities include maintaining the entire Waymark website, editor, and backend account systems, managing the Waymark Design System, designing user flows in every stage of fidelity, conducting customer research, prototyping, and even getting down and dirty with modern HTML/CSS for key pages on the site.



A Project to Transform the Business

Waymark’s been working on a new product that allows templates creators the ability to translate Adobe After Effects files intro interactive video templates. Cutting down on template production time, and providing a robust foundation for the future of the platform.

A look inside that software is available upon request.

Checkout flow

Dealing with complexity of offering up multiple subscription options, and à-la-carte purchasing